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We Can Make a Difference 


Your donation to BUCM supports the programs that need it most. Give one time or monthly – Every gift makes a difference.

If you provide a monthly donation, you:

            Provide sustaining support throughout the year to families in need

            Help us to plan ahead and respond to urgent needs

            Create lasting change for years to come

Donate in Honor

Donate to BUCM in someone's honor to recognize them and to support our efforts to end poverty, alongside the communities we serve. 

Honor Someone Special

Honor someone special with a meaningful gift to BUCM in their name for all occasions — birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, achievements, and weddings.

You can also give in memory of a lost loved one as a celebration of their life.

Regardless of the occasion, your gift will inspire change, create opportunity and provide hope for those in need.

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Honor Cards

After your transaction, we will send an honor card to your honoree or to your honoree's loved ones. An honor card is a great way to share the gift and the resounding impact it will have in our community.

Quick How to 



1. Click one of our various "Donate" buttons 

2. Set your amount and pick PayPal or card

3. On the PayPal screen you will see "What is this payment for" and on the card screen you will see "write a note". Use this area to let us know who the gift is in honor/memory of.

4. In addition if you leave us an email or address we will send an acknowledgment to them or a loved one.  


Just mail your gift with a note of who your donation is in honor/memory of. If you would like us to send an acknowledgment please also leave their email or address in the note.  

Other Ways to get involved

Donate today

Give one-time or monthly to have an immediate impact on those who need it most.