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Burke United Christian Ministries Announces Future Location for Services


Burke County, April 2024 – After 22 years of dedicated service at 305-B West Union St, Burke United Christian Ministries (BUCM) announces the selection of its future location for services, underscoring the organization's commitment to serving Burke County for the last 49 years. 


"For over two decades, 305-B West Union St. has been synonymous with Burke United Christian Ministries," expressed Alice Horton, Executive Director. "While our departure from this location comes with mixed emotions, our dedication to serving the community remains unwavering."


BUCM is pleased to announce its future location at 576 East Fleming Drive, known to Burke County residents as, “the Old Food Lion.” The organization hopes to complete renovations as soon as possible to minimize disruption to its vital services and continue supporting those in need.


The decision to establish the new location comes after careful consideration and planning, and BUCM is poised to transform the former grocery store into a hub of hope and healing for those facing adversity.


"We are excited about the opportunities for generous support from donors, volunteers, and community partners as BUCM launches God’s Heart, Our Home, a five million dollar capital campaign to fund the purchase and renovation of our new location," announced Michele Byrd, Board President. "This campaign will enable us to enhance our capacity to address food insecurity in Burke County and provide essential resources to those in need."


The new location will encompass the organization’s existing programs including financial assistance, food assistance, educational programs, and homeless support services. By offering a comprehensive approach to success, BUCM empowers individuals and families to overcome challenges and thrive.


"We are committed to ensuring that our new location remains a cornerstone of hope and resilience in our community," remarked Alice Horton.


BUCM invites community members to join them in celebrating this exciting milestone as they prepare to embark on this new chapter. Further updates on the progress of the relocation will be provided to the community as they become available.


As BUCM navigates this transition, the organization remains steadfast in its mission to restore resilience in people living in poverty and experiencing homelessness, ensuring their essential needs are met.


When asked about the announcement, former client Eric Estes says that, “for many of us, BUCM has been a lifeline in times of struggle. Their endless support and kindness have given me hope and strength to persevere. I'm grateful for their presence in our community, and I am excited for the possibilities that lie ahead in their new location." 

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