A letter from our director, Dr. David Burleson –

Many exciting opportunities are occurring at Burke United Christian Ministries (BUCM). Daily, we have the
opportunity to provide food, clothes and assistance to many in our community who need just a little extra help. It is
a blessing to show Christ’s love to others as we help meet their needs.

One of the most exciting opportunities is the opening of our NEW clothing store. Our clothing store has been
relocated to the opposite site of the Burke Mission Station where the Thrift Store was located. We are now able to
expand not only our space but also our offerings for our shoppers. The previous clothing store has become the
BUCM Clothing Closet specifically for our clients and the homeless.

The move to the new store would not have been possible without the help of our dedicated staff and volunteers. A
very special thanks must go out to our Clothing Store Manager, Diane Bradshaw and her husband, Billy without
whose determination, hard work, vision and long hours we could not have been ready to open at this time. BUCM is
also eternally grateful to David, Tonya and Callie Jaynes for their countless hours of dedicated service and financial
support. Our clothing store assistant, Dot Beam and her husband DA also gave countless hours of time to our move
along with our volunteers Libby Cook, Linda and Terry Piercy, Caroleen Coffey, Brittany Davis, Delores McNeely,
and the Gibbs Chapel Youth. Appreciation goes to our good friends, Thomas and Steven. Ambrose McNeely
Fencing has also assisted with our fencing project. A big thank you must also go to the BUCM Board of Directors,
Burke Charitable Properties and Mr. Dale Barrier for supporting the expansion of the ministry of BUCM. We are
most thankful for God’s guidance and provision. As God always does, He came through right on time with many
extra volunteers through the World Changers that gave over 360 hours of service to BUCM. Thanks Pastor Mike
Chandler and Dwight Winters for letting God use you to make this extra volunteer effort happen.

We are very proud of the progress we have made at BUCM and appreciative of the support we receive from our
sustaining churches, donors and volunteers. Our ministry could not occur without these wonderful groups.
With these new opportunities at BUCM, we need each of you even more. Please consider being part of our BUCM
ministry in one or more of the following ways:
 Make BUCM Part of Your Annual Budget
 Be a Food Harvester
 Work in the Soup Kitchen
 Assist in the Food Pantry
 Donate Gently Used Items for the Saved for You Clothing Store
 Volunteer in the Clothing Store or our Clothing Closet
 Donate Children’s Shoes or New Underwear
 Donate Food for the Food Pantry or Soup Kitchen
 Volunteer in the Office Area (Typing, Folding Newsletters, Answering Phones)
 Read with or Tutor a Child After School
 Eat Lunch with a Client
 Work in the Firewood Ministry
 Transport Clients or Potential Clients to BUCM
 Place a Collection Barrel at your Church or Business
 Be Part of our Ministry of Presence (Just come have lunch with a client who needs someone to talk with, pour
a glass of water or just shake someone’s hand.)

As summer progresses and children are home, the need for food for the BUCM Food Pantry increases. Our pantry is
in continual need of non-perishable items. Some of our high need items are:
 Canned Meat
 Macaroni and Cheese
 Peanut Butter
 Chicken Noodle Soup
 Pasta
 Pinto Beans
 Canned Fruit
 Cereal
 Jelly
In the world in which we live, it takes our entire community to meet the needs of our neighbors. Each of you are a
vital part of our community and it is essential we work together to meet the needs of all our citizens who are in need.
Please know that there are many ways we can partner together to assist others.
Please know that we are very willing to come and tell the BUCM story at any church or organization. Just let us
know a good time to do this.
Please remember to keep BUCM and me in your thoughts and prayers. There are many difficult decisions we are
called on to make and through prayer we can continue to make the appropriate decisions for our ministry. Thank
you again for making BUCM a wonderful, caring place for others.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. David Burleson
Executive Director

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