Did you know during Super Bowl 50, young people and groups across the country raised over 10 million in cash and resources for charities through Souper Bowl of Caring? This national movement is transforming the weekend of the Big Game into the nation’s largest youth-inspired weekend of giving and serving.

Souper Bowl of Caring empowers young people to lead the movement in their local community, believing that no one is too young to make a difference. It is a simple and meaningful way to unite communities around important issues, such as hunger, poverty and homelessness.

Were you thinking we made a typo??  After the holidays, the generous donations of the season have been used. The post-holiday season is a time for replenishing needed supplies. In December, BUCM Food Pantry provided food for 535 households.  We provided 51,961 pounds of food.  Additionally, we served 5,306 meals in the soup kitchen.  Already in January, we have given out 44,575 pounds of food.  Our stock is getting low, we need your help!

Burke United Christian Ministries believes this movement is special and we invite you to get involved. During the time around the Super Bowl, groups and young people collect cash or in-kind donations. Each group donates their collection directly to the charity of their choice. Organizers simply ask that groups report their collection amount so a national total can be determined.

There are four easy steps!

  1. Register at www.souperbowl.org or call 1-800-358-SOUP (7687) to receive your free promotional materials.
  2. Collect donations around the time of Super Bowl Sunday (Sunday, February 4)
    • (Places of worship typically collect on Super Bowl Sunday while schools and businesses collect between Jan. 16th and Feb. 5th )
  3. Report your results at http://www.souperbowl.org for the country to see the power of teamwork.
  4. Donate 100% of your collection to Burke United Christian Ministries.

To learn more about Souper Bowl of Caring, visit http://www.souperbowl.org or call 800-358-7687. America’s young people are working to make 2017 a record year for the Souper Bowl of Caring by raising millions for hunger and poverty-related charities across the country. Souper Bowl of Caring organization’s goal is to allow groups and individuals to raise money for their local agencies.  I hope you will choose to get involved in this grassroots, youth-inspired movement that is helping those around the country who are in need.

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